Based Power Electronics Power Industry
07/29/2016 Reported by mass power From cps800

Recently, PCIM Asia 2016 Shanghai International Power element, renewable energy management Fair come to an end in Shanghai, PCIM Asia as the power electronics industry, international platform, more than 10 years, has successfully attracted participants from many local and global industry power electronics applications technical experts and scholars gathered to discuss the future development of the industry. Lyme electrons as power sensors in the field of market leader, to bring the new HO series, HLSR series, LFxx10 series, ITxx5 series, LH series and many other cutting-edge products exhibitors, displaying as a global market leader in the field of electricity sensor strength and power electronic energy technology continue to bring a breakthrough in the ability and determination.

With the power electronics technology widely used in the important areas of new energy and advanced manufacturing equipment such as current measurement and control tools, current sensors make the grid control toward greater flexibility and high precision direction. At this year's show, Lyme electronics show for the power electronics industry power sensors tailored application solutions, and brings a variety of innovative products, covering the inverter, new energy, power, high-end manufacturing, rail transportation, automotive a wide range of applications, demonstrates the powerful strength in Lyme electronic field of power electronics.